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Advantages of Bullerjan stoves

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The basic operation principle of such stove is namely smoldering, because a full load of firewood is sufficient for eight hours of its continuous operation. It is recommended not to use the stove at its heating maximum; otherwise it will consume firewood too quickly and convert itself into a potbelly stove. It is this operation principle of Bullerjan stoves – smolderingthat accentuates the high quality of the product and its efficiency: the stove is heated; hot air fills the entire room gradually, thereby heating it thoroughly and for a long time. Firewood is burned down very slowly due to the fact that the shutter does not allow oxygen to be supplied.

The gas which is released during firewood smoldering in the first (bottom) chamber, goes into the next (upper) chamber where it is burned up by steam injectors. Fresh air goes in the chamber, unburned gas is burned, and dust particles become fuel energy, and do not get into your home’s air.

We are direct producers of Bullerjan stoves, and provide all the necessary certificates, which confirm passed testing, inspection, and certification marks. We also provide a warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase.

We recommend you to buy a Bullerjan stove, because we know you always want to be sure that your apartment/house will be properly and quickly heated up in very cold weather. We provide pleasing pricing policy, high quality, German technologies and our own upgrades for your assurance.

The case of the stove is made of steel. The combustion chamber, out of which the pipes go out, is cylindrical. The lower branch pipes consume air from the bottom, and hot, already warmed up air (of 100-120 Celsius degrees) comes out of the top of the stove, and fills the room. That is why when hot air comes out in the room, it heats the room quickly, and high temperature is then maintained for a long time. The room is heated quickly enough (about 15 minutes), which is very convenient, especially for those who have a country house.

One of the main advantages of Bullerjan stoves is their economic efficiency as it consumes less firewood. All you need is to add firewood into the stove just a few times during the day, thus you enjoy freedom and never worry about the high-quality heating of your home. Bullerjan stove design involves a gasifier and a manipulator used to regulate the needed temperature by regulating the release of warm air during the operation of Bullerjan stove indoors.

Also, another positive characteristic of this stove is that any organic materials, such as wood chips, husk, wood, sawdust, and paper may be used as fuel. The construction of Bullerjan stove includes an overall door and a big chamber, which is very convenient as you don’t even have to split logs, you may put them in whole into the stove.

You can find all prices for Bullerjan stoves (and not only for them) on our website. Our consultants will answer all your questions, as well as advice you on the best stove for your house/apartment.

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