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Operation Principle of Bullerjan-Type Stoves

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Operation Principle of Bullerjan-Type Stoves

Another advantage of this stove is that it is equipped with modern draft control mode, due to which you will not need to stand over the stove, adding firewood, like anyone having a usual potbelly wood stove does.Bullerjan stove case does not heat up to a maximum temperature, which is good for fire safety. You can not say the same thing about a potbelly stove. The only advantage of a potbelly stove may be its usage for cooking.But we have resolved this problem!

How to use the oven

Before you fire your stove, you need to take out all draft regulators. You should use chips and paper to fire the stove, as the main fuel is to be laid only after the fire is quite large. In doing so you must never forget that the main fuel should almost completely "take over" the volume of the stove’s lower chamber.

Power controller is used to regulate the warm-up temperature of the room. Once the room is fully warmed, you may set this regulator in the desired position, covering its shutter. Manufacturers advise to cover it completely only for the night, which can not be done if you have a potbelly stove.

It is very simple to learn how to adjust the temperature: you will understand very quickly which temperature is comfortable to the utmost, as well as in what way it is better to place draft controllers for such temperature.

Operation Principle of Bullerjan-Type Stoves

You must not use gas, liquid firestarter, or coal to fire a stove – it is an important condition. It is not recommended to dry any things on the stove. You should not remove the remnants of firewood out of the stove until it cools down completely, as you may burn yourself. Simple safety rules will keep you and your home safe.

If you want to add some fuel to an operating potbelly stove, you need to open two shutters and wait for a while, then to open the door of the stove itself, and to put a bit of firewood there. Do not forget to return the shutters into their original position.


About modern potbelly stoves

Everyone has heard of potbelly stoves. This stove is a great and quite lightweight construction made of durable metal of high quality, which is used to heat the inside of the room. Potbelly stoves became incredibly popular in our country at the beginning of the last century, when there were wars and revolutions, there was neither heating nor hot water, people were trying to survive, and these stoves became their only salvation.

As compared to large brick stoves (standard stoves and fireplaces), potbelly stoves are more economical and convenient because you can burn any inflammable material in it, and they are particularly compact.

The Europeans have always been considered as particularly economical, that is why even now potbelly stoves can be found in their homes, and be purchased in any European online shop.

Many people want to buy a potbelly stove, so what's its advantage?

The truth is that the modern manufacturer is constantly developing and improving, so a usual cast-iron potbelly stove is not like it used to be. There have always been great investments in innovation of the production of potbelly stoves, the sales of which go beyond the limit. All improvements have not been done in vain, and a modern potbelly stove (the price of which is not very high) may proudly be named as a stove-fireplace.

Many say that there is nothing special about this stove. It's just a simple stove for summer cottage! But it is not! New constructions have been remade – these stoves are now lightweight, safe, economical and of high quality. It is as simple as anything to buy a potbelly stove in our country. It is installed very quickly, and setting its chimney is not a problem. The manufacturer thought about everything! Now a chimney can be set not only vertically but also horizontally. Bullerjan stove that was considered as a technological wonder long ago is being constantly innovated as well.

Another advantage of the stove is that it may be a wonderful decoration of any home, and a significant element of your interior.

A potbelly stove is the best choice for you, no matter whether you want to heat up a particular room, or to use it as an additional heater of your apartment or house.

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