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Bullerjan stoves Classic type 00

Bullerjan stoves Classic type 00

Length, mm, not more than* 710
Width, mm, not more than* 460
Height, mm, not more than* 620
Weight, kg, not more than* 64
Pipe diameter, mm NEW! 76
Maximum capacity, kW 6
Heating area, m2 (ceiling height – 2.5 m) 40
Heated space, m3 ** 100
Firebox door diameter, mm 270
Chimney diameter, mm 120
Log length, mm 370
Fuel consumption for one loading, m3/l 0.02 / 20

* Overall sizes are approximate.

** Heated space is approximate; it depends on many factors such as heat loss through protective structures, ceiling height, presence of ventilation, dampness of firewood etc.

Bullerjan stoves Classic type 00



It is possible to heat any residential and industrial premises with Bullerjan stove. Bullerjan stove operates on solid fuel, such as briquettes, firewood, wood waste, etc. Bullerjan stove efficiency is more than 75% due to the two-phase fuel combustion. The first phase involves smoldering of fuel and gas emission, and the second one involves a complete afterburning of combustion products. Due to this fuel combustion technology the stove can operate up to 8 hours on one full loading!


Diameter of Bullerjan stove pipes is 76 mm, pipe thickness is 3.5 mm


 All stoves are manufactured in accordance with the Technical Standard of Ukraine TU U 27.5-20866186-001:2015.

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