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Приглашаем к сотрудничеству дилеров, магазинам по продаже отопительной техники - особые условия.

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WIDZEW Steel Center is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality wood-fired and coal-fired stoves made of steel, as well as of solid fuel boilers, including long-burning boilers. Our adherence to innovations, design and quality is reflected in the continuous technical development of our products. Today’s heat of your home is in tomorrow's technologies of WIDZEW.

1. You receive the products directly from the factory, and you can order a custom-made stoveor a boiler in the shortest time possible and without any intermediaries.

2. The products are shipped at no charge within the territory of Ukraine.

3. Many manufacturers of Bullerjan stoves put 3D models of their stoves on their websites, and the difference between beautiful pictures and real Bullerjan stoves can be considerable, and not in favor of the latter.

4. Most manufacturers of Bullerjan stoves set an ordinary hook-handle on the stove door, which does not provide guaranteed gasproofness of the Bullerjan stove door; therefore, such stoves will consume much more air and operate less time on one firewood laying. Most manufacturers do not install a chimney damper controller on the front wall of the stove, which leads to additional inconveniences of Bullerjan stove operation.

5. Only here you can order a nominal Bullerjan stove.

6. Only here you can buy a Bullerjan stove/boiler/stove at the VAT-inclusive price specified on our website, and pay for it by bank transfer without any additional bank transfer charges.

7. We have the largest selection of Bullerjan stoves and wood stoves among the manufacturers. The production range of stoves and boilers is constantly being improved and updated.

8. The usage of high-quality equipment and involvement of professionals in our products manufacturing guarantee the high quality of our products.

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